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Need to translate lengthy text? Submit them here so others can assist you with their translation.
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Who are you talking about?Well, we will talk about that later  .. Submitted By Nneoma October 31 ,2008
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Olo mi, onitemi Ore mi, ololufe Oju kan o, sa lada ni Lola Oluwa, ko sohun ti o ya wa  .. Submitted By Nneoma October 31 ,2008
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ore...More   Submitted By Sunday

Oya baby, kulie oto kuliaka nala nwadi uto...More   Submitted By mee

I love you ...More   Submitted By Tomiwa Awosika

I\'m a well known hit man but this time i saw something i haven\'t see before, I...More   Submitted By zandile

My love all I want is a true relationship for us and a beautiful life,but you mu...More   Submitted By Nurjhaan

I love you ...More   Submitted By crystal

I love you ...More   Submitted By Nontobeko

The love I have for you is real ...More   Submitted By henry

From God\'s lip to our ears. ...More   Submitted By nate

I love u so much, I\'m such a lucky girl to have you in my life your my soul mat...More   Submitted By Laura burgess

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ore Submitted By Sunday

Oya baby, kulie oto ... Submitted By mee

I love you Submitted By Tomiwa Awosika

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Most Recent Words
1 ..Submitted By ADMIN

Sorry not sorry  ..Submitted By TianaMone

re ti pada ..Submitted By wandabibi

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Top Rated Words
i dey come  ..Submitted By chi2

Lola oluwa, ko sohun ti o ya wa  ..Submitted By Nneoma

chi wu eze  ..Submitted By samuelugim

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» check yoruba/frensh translations..Submitted By rahma
» Translate this from Igbo-English!..Submitted By Thereseyvette
» Please Translate Into English Ot Italian..Submitted By OKEYCC
» help please..Submitted By princesszoonia
» Need help for translating to English please.....Submitted By StellaMa
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