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» Nigerian Disapora will not be voting in the 2015 elections in Nigeria - INEC
» FG suspends school until October 13 to curb spread of Ebola
» FG bans all importation of live animals into Nigeria and advises Nigerians against eating bush meat
» Central Bank of Nigeria revokes licences of 766 Bureaux De Change operators
» Ebola patients flee as Liberian clinic is looted
» Dr. Ameyo Stella Adadevoh, a Nigerian doctor infected with Ebola virus by Patrick Sawyer, dies
» CBN to provide N10m in guarantees to qualified Bureau de Changes for outbound money transfers
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» Too Late To Bar Ebola Bodies - Specialize In Tropical Disease
» Ebola Success In Nigeria Boost Blood Serum Antibodies Study
» Yoruba N' Ronu Stomach Infrastruture
» A critic reminds us of the Chibok girls…#BringBackOurGirls
» YEEPA: Ebola Kills Medical Hedonic & Religious Paradise
» Men's Existence Threatened By Vibrators
» Silver Bullet Against Ebola Foreign Contract Exist Locally
What do you think of Goodluck Jonathans performance so far?
Terrible. He has made poor choices & bad actions
Average. He has been so-so so far.
Excellent. He has gone beyond my expectations so far
Not sure.
Too early to say anything

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   Oya baby, kulie oto kuliaka nala nwadi uto
(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  mee  

   I love you
(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  Tomiwa Awosika  

   I'm a well known hit man but this time i saw
omething i haven't see before, I can even tell you the colour of the t ...

(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  zandile  

   My love all I want is a true relationship for
us and a beautiful life,but you must bring your side as well. ...

(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  Nurjhaan  

   I love you
(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  crystal  

   I love you
(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  Nontobeko  

   The love I have for you is real
(0) answers  Translate This
Submitted By  henry  

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  re ti pada ..Submitted By wandabibi Yoruba

  baba ..Submitted By prince Yoruba- Slangs

  karin ka poo, yiye lo n yeni ..Submitted By Aroma Yoruba- Proverbs

   Click for more
  i dey come ..Submitted By chi2 Pidgin English

  Lola oluwa, ko sohun ti o ya wa ..Submitted By Nneoma Yoruba

  chi wu eze ..Submitted By samuelugim Igbo

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» check yoruba/frensh translations..Submitted By rahma
» Translate this from Igbo-English!..Submitted By Thereseyvette
» Please Translate Into English Ot Italian..Submitted By OKEYCC
» help please..Submitted By princesszoonia
» Need help for translating to English please.....Submitted By StellaMa
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